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Finally, a magazine with your picture inside!
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your goal with

Our goal and purpose is to promote self-esteem in girls, to encourage them to workhard and stay in school, and to follow their dreams, because they are special.


2. How do I know that my child will be safe from contact by predators on this website?

When we began this web site we had safety in mind. Therefore, we decided that there would be no way for a predator to contact one of the girls on this site. We choose not to have chat rooms, email addresses, last names, cities or registration information that would have to be kept on a server for verification. The girls
participating only contact us through email. We show less personal information on our site than other children’s magazines share when you read them.

We wanted our site to be one that parents would allow their girls to be a part of. Today many girls are not allowed on My Space, You -Tube or to register to use websites. We believe that there has to be people out there that care enough to change the standard. We decided to try! is our way of doing that. We want it to be just like a magazine you read at home. You look at pictures, you can send them in, but you have no access to the person in the magazine.

Thank you again for your concerns as parents. We are as concerned as you are!


3. Why did you start this website?

Taylor decided to create because her younger sister, Allie, sent her photo into a national magazine for girls asking to be on their cover. Allie received a reply stating that only professional models with agents were used.

Within three months, Taylor and her family launched an online magazine where girls are special. Girls don’t have to be professional models that have been airbrushed to be in this magazine. In a very short time, girls across the United States have been sending photos of themselves, their pets, best friends, etc. is loved by both girls and parents alike because it is a safe and fun website for girls to visit.

4. How did you start a website?

We designed girlZlikeme by looking at other well-known girl’s websites and developing what we liked and what we thought would be fun and different. My dad bought magazines that explain how to make a website and helped my sister, Taylor, design our web pages. It took almost two month to put it all together. We have time to work on it because we are home schooled. It’s been a fun family project and we have learned computer skills, website design, and even about running a business!

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